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Detail-Focused Wills and Estate Lawyers in Calgary 

It is never too early to make plans, so keep your eye on the future with experienced wills and estate lawyers, here in Calgary. We focus on the little things, giving you the comfort of knowing that all your issues are handled long in advance. Whether you have a sizeable estate and want to ensure its protection, or if you are making a will to provide for loved ones after you are gone, we are ready to offer service specific to your needs.


Comprehensive Approach

Young or old, small families and large, every person benefits from the structure and reassurance of having a properly witnessed will. Ensure that your document is effective by choosing professional representation that accounts for all contingencies. Provide for your family, even after you are gone, with efficient estate planning that reduces time spent in probate and makes sure your wishes are executed precisely.

Wills & Estate Details

In considering estate planning, many think first of wills; though, in actual fact, the process is more nuanced. The best choice is to seek out a professional, thus ensuring that all contingencies are accounted for, and that nothing is left to chance. From small details, like little-considered assets, to larger concerns like powers of attorney, we provide comprehensive services, including:

Trust Management

Beneficiary Designation

Probate Services

Power of Attorney

Will Generation

Advising on Executors

Witnessing of Documents

Notarizing Services

Care For Your Loved Ones After You Are Gone

Simplify the estate planning process – so your voice is heard.

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