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Meet Our Team of Dedicated Lawyers 

Amanoh Law Firm is made strong by our dedicated team of professionals, committed to zealously representing your legal interests in all matters.

Mercy Amanoh, LL.M

Mercy Amanoh, Master of Laws (LL.M), is a barrister, solicitor, notary public, and founding partner at Amanoh Law Firm. She received Masters of Law degrees from two of Canada's most outstanding universities, McGill and Queen’s, which established the foundation of her extensive legal knowledge. With a balance of compassion and efficacy, Mercy provides clients with diligent counsel to uphold their best interests. Mercy's years of experience and sincere passion for the law have given her a comprehensive knowledge of the law, and her diverse practice can represent your needs in numerous legal arenas.

Junior Lawyers

Amanoh Law Firm has an exceptional team of junior lawyers, allowing us to deliver effective services in a wide range of legal arenas. Through the specialized knowledge and experience provided by our junior legal team, we continue to offer quality advocacy in everything from family law to business law concerns.

Support Staff

No legal team is complete without the dedicated assistance of skillful, professional support staff. Ensuring our client’s legal needs are met efficiently relies on the services of our firm as a whole. From scheduling to correspondence, our paralegal team is foundational to our firm’s function.

Quality Legal Representation

Our team of dedicated lawyers is ready to assist with your legal concerns.

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