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Leading the Curve in Calgary Business Law 

Economics move the world forward; so, when it comes to business law in Calgary, trust the firm that values your company for its unique contribution to the community. Whether you are analyzing a new contract or considering business incorporation, seeking legal advice is the best way to ensure prudence in financial matters.


Business Counsel

There are many different types of business, all requiring specialized legal attention. Amanoh Law Firm provides comprehensive service for all sorts of commercial endeavors, such as sole proprietorships and corporations. Ensure that your company is receiving the full attention of a qualified advocate, so that everything from annual returns to partnership agreements are all properly vetted and legally binding.

Business Services

Amanoh Law Firm is proud to offer comprehensive services that account for all business needs, no matter the type or scale of the company, including, but not limited to:

Contract Law

Sales Provisions

Business Incorporation

Independent Legal Counsel (ILC)

Consumer/Creditor Protection

Estate Planning

Business Opening/Closing


Your Business is Important

Manage all legal aspects of your company at one, central firm.

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