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Compassionate Family Law Services in Calgary 

We provide caring representation covering all family law needs in Calgary and area, from divorce to custody, prenuptials to guardianship. Benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your issues are being handled with the utmost skill and propriety, so you can focus on what matters most – your family.


Caring and Efficiency

Legal proceedings related to family matters tend to be very challenging, posing unique stressors that affect everyone differently. Our advocates communicate steadily with you throughout the process to ensure you’re your interests are represented in the manner of your choosing. Whether you decide on a rapid approach or to take more time in the journey, we are prepared to accommodate. Through prudent handling of your file, we mitigate the need for you to communicate with others involved in the file, adding ease to your journey. Solid legal advice couples with empathy as we help you achieve the results you desire, while working to reduce overall cost.

Family Law Details

Though many think first of marriage and divorce, family law covers an extensive range of topics, and Amanoh Law Firm offers representation in them all. Contact us to get help with matters such as:

Division of Assets

Prenuptial Agreements

Divorce Proceedings

Custody Arrangements

Parenting Matters

Child Support

Guardianship Issues

Domestic Violence

Parental Rights

Your Family Deserves Happiness

We deal with contention so you don’t have to.

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